Обложка альбома CreedleCreedle emerged in the early '90s from the ashes of burnt-out bands like If Tomorrow, Daddy Long Legs, the Pull Toys, and the Holy Love Snakes, with their debut performance at the original Midtown Casbah locale. In around a half dozen years, the band released three full length albums on Cargo Music/Headhunter Records, along with numerous 7" singles. The band included Devon E. Levins, aka Devon Goldberg (guitar/vocals), PieBoy, aka Tim Blankenship (bass/vocals), Dr. Gein, aka Dion Thurman (drums), Stretch, aka Robert Walter (keyboards and samples), and Cheme, aka Cochemea Gastelum (saxophone). In 1996, the bass/drums/guitar/sax lineup released its third and final album, When the Wind Blows -- their jazziest, right down to the LP cover art. At this point, they were down to a quartet. They split for good in 1998. Members of the band continued on to record and perform with the Greyboy Allstars, the DaoSon For, Morricone Youth, Pretendo, Fluf, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Tones. Saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum, who grew up in Spring Valley, has delved deepest into the jazz world.
  • Трек: when the wind blows
  • Исполнитель (артист): Creedle
  • Длительность 7:18
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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    • 7:02
    • 5:29
    • 2:43
      CreedleDonell Stepped Outside
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      CreedleFamily Sky
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      CreedleThe Haunted Poptart
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      CreedleMy Gift To You
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      CreedleSuper Moto-X
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      Creedle(takin' dick to) the bridge
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      CreedleStraight Talkin' Val Azzoli Blues
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      CreedleLos Calapalos, los Capalapalos
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      CreedleGeorgia X
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      Creedle...The Search For Tim...
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      CreedleSurfin Paul 2AM
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      CreedleThe Neighbors Are Coming, The Neighbors Are Coming
    • 5:53
      Mr. Bill, Circuit Bent, Sun In AquariusCreedle
    • 5:48
      Mr. Bill, Circuit Bent, Sun In AquariusCreedle
    • 4:05
      Ugly Kid JoeCats in the creedle
    • 5:53
      Mr. Bill, Circuit Bent, Sun In AquariusCreedle